Unity3D Yo Frankie!

In year 2008-2009, Blender Institute undertook a game project to validate Blender as a game development and run time platform. The outcome of this effort was a game called "Yo Frankie" . As a part of this project the Institute ended up developing quite a few, good quality, game assets - game characters, animations, audio, props, levels, menus etc. Luckily for us they released these assets under the Creative Commons Attribution license. This means that the assets can be used freely by anyone for commercial or non commercial use. The game, with all it's assets, can be downloaded from their download site .

Extracting and using these asset is another matter though. The game project uses groups and links to distribute these assets over several blender files. This makes development under Blender easy but makes it hard to extract and use them under a different game engine like Unity3D. After a few days of head scratching I was finally able to extract most of the characters and animations. Hoping that this might save others some time and effort I bundled these characters and animations into separate, easy to use, blender files and added them to a Untiy3D project.
Click here to download this project(60 MB).
The project itself runs as below(The runtime is 7 MB).

You can examine a character in more detail by either rotating it or zooming into it.
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